Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beth's snow family

After receiving about 4 inches of snow one day, Beth wanted to make some SNOW WOMEN. Since Beth wanted a feminine touch, we had Alex's wig whipped out from the cupboard, got some potatoe head pieces, scarves, food dye, (we had ran out of carrots for noses) and tried to be creative.

Lot's of neighbours walked past as we "attempted" to roll the snowball bodies up. They all shook their heads and mentioned that it wasn't good 'snow powder' for making snowmen. Humpf! Never realised there was particular type of snow for this art, but it was true. The balls kept crumbling and I was thinking....whose idea was it to make a snow family! One snow woman would have been more than enough. So if you had looked at them close enough, you would have seen deformed snowballs. Snow kept crumbling off and Beth was starting to lose interest.

For Beth, the best part was the food dye and decorating the faces. Pity it got on her snow pants! (I was kicking myself for that idea!)

Our very interesting snow family. The one on the very left is supposed to be a snow woman, but it has a classy mustache???

Isaac not wanting a bar of this snowman making. I had to keep finding him and bringing him back up the hill.

One time I found him nearly to the road. That is right, he is the little dot heading straight to it!


This is the squashed snow woman. Isaac had the most satisfaction when it came time to destroy them. After all my snow women effort, Beth informed me she had more fun making snow angels. (Little stinker) I was just trying to have a bonding moment with my kids! We had to wait for the snow to melt to find some of the lost potatoe pieces.