Monday, September 8, 2008

Every day an Adventure!!

Life here is too much FUN! We had the Kemp's stay for 2 nights and we somehow managed to fit everyone in nice and cozy. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine being in another Country, driving on the other side of the road...on an adventure with my gorgeous Alex. We were able to do a road trip to Park City Outlets and enjoy some bargains (and some laughs).

Rick, Dave and Hyrum were able to go to a BYU game. Only 62,ooo attended!!!! Alex and I were at the pool at the time with the children and when BYU scored a touch down we certainly could hear them!!!

Hyrum is definately growing up and loved being with the BOYS.

For $10 a family we went to all you could eat pancakes for breakfast. (We kinda felt sick afterwards!) Then headed to Bridalveil Falls which is gorgeous. I made the mistake of getting the children to COLLECT some rocks.....well we got some boulders instead. Next time Hrum also informed me that he would like to climb further up the waterfall. (So I will bring my first aid kit!)

I don't know if that is a grimance or a smile!

Our 2 princesses!
Thanks for the memories Kemps!