Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Californian Vacation

We got to do many things but some of the favorites were going to the movies, dinner with Rachel and Chad, driving to and from Southern California (ha ha) going to the clubhouse and playing table tennis, pool, playing on the playground and just 'hanging out'. The photos below is the reception hall where we had the most fun throwing balls, wrestling, doing handstand competitions and doing pushups. (The normal things you do in a reception room!)

Thanksgiving at the Gharrings was the Liddicoat's first genuine experience and it was very yummy!!!! Chad's family was very welcoming and fun. The children were well entertained with more children to play with and yummy food to enjoy. We loved looking at their wonderful garden and Isaac just loved their dogs.

Thanksgiving meal was all it was cracked up to be. As you can see, the preparations were intense, but the food was fantastic. We were all stuffed and loved it.

Magic Mountain theme park!

For my 30th, Dave organised for us to go to Magic Mountain for the day. We had so much fun going on all the crazy rides. I have never seen so many rollercoasters in one place. We felt like a couple of young kids. We are so grateful for Rachel and Chad for looking after our children for the WHOLE time.


After many late nights the children were chilling out and watching a DVD.

Thanksgiving day the boys went out for the 'Turkey Bowl". Perfect conditions on the day as it was the only day it rained and they came back muddy, wet, cold and hungry. Fortunately Rachel had pancakes and sausages for everyone.

The day we left was nice and relaxing after trying to squeeze in so much in the other days. The weather was so nice we all wanted to go swimming!!

The whole neighborhood children came out to play and they were hula-hooping to their hearts content. Even the mums had a go!

A video of Magic Mountain's Rollercoaster ride....Scream.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let it Snow

This afternoon we decided we would take a drive up toward Salt Lake to have a look at the new Draper Temple, which though it won't be dedicated until March 2009, if from the outside largely complete as you will note from the pictures.

After the last couple of weeks where we have enjoyed some beautiful weather, allowing the kids to enjoy the autumn colours and playing in the leaves that are falling all around our house, today was a wet, miserable day.

We noticed a bit of snow on the mountains and so we thought while we were up that way, we may as well go for a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird ski resort. As we were driving up the canyon, we saw cars coming down with quite a lot of snow on their roofs and so we were pretty excited to see some snow. About half way up we could see traces of snow on the ground and then it got thicker and thicker and the rain turned to snow.

We stopped at Snowbird and got out to enjoy the snow (and throw a few snowballs at each other and the car). At this stage, Hyrum was wishing he had worn shoes other than thongs (flip flops for Americans). It was pretty cold and given we were not clothed properly, we didn't last long, but it was fun and we are looking forward to the expected snow this week. How long this excitement for snow lasts is yet to be determined.