Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sledding, skiing & snowboarding

~On top of the world~

This week Dave had 3 days off school and so on Friday morning of that week, Katie Hart & I went up to Sundance ski resort to have a bit of girl time. Dave kind of pushed for me to do it because this week he is off to North Carolina for a case competition. I don't think we will ever live 15 minutes from a ski resort again so we made the most of it! (Never say never, but I am pretty sure.) It was a great day, the sun was shining, there was fresh powder and no waiting in lines for the ski lift. Brilliant. I snow boarded and Katie was my professional ski buddy. She put me to shame. As a child, she would spend every weekend in the winter skiing with her family. On the chair lifts up she had some great stories to share! Scenery was incredible. Being without children for a moment, was even more sensational. (I do love my children, but it is always great to have a break!)

Perfect day to be snowboarding. Katie was hard core, helemet and all.

I look like a dork, which makes this a great photo. I kept trying to stand with my snowboard, but I would slide down the hill each time. (Doesn't look slanted, but it is!!) If you made a wrong turn, you just fall off the cliff behind me.

Savannah and Hyrum's Christmas present was a half day at Sundance skiing. The photo below we are on the shuttle bus, ready and eager to ski.

It wasn't perfect weather, snowing and damp but we had a blast. Savannah was a natural and once Hyrum got used to falling all the time, he became fearless and became a real pro!


Falling with style!

Love this photo. You can't see clearly here, but he was just dripping with snow and dampness from all the falls he had taken.

Sundance ski resort.

Sledding with the Billings.

This was a minute up the road from sundance. We found a fun spot to sled over the Christmas break and the children had a blast. Later on that day we all went to the dollar theatre together as well. Some of the Wymount gang.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Felize Natal

We were fortunate enough to be invited to spend Christmas eve this year with a number of our Brazilian friends. It is their tradition to have a large meal on Christmas eve and then to exchange gifts at midnight. Hyrum is always a hit with the Brazilian girls.

Esther and Daniela

The food was amazing, with no-one leaving hungry.
Christmas morning.
Despite pressure from the kids to follow the Brazilian tradition, we made them go to bed well before midnight and then exchanged gifts on Christmas morning (still a little too early though).

Beth was so excited about her presents, she couldn't keep her hair down.

For Christmas lunch, we went to the Pope's house, who were enjoying their first White Christmas (while we did not have any snow on Christmas day, there was still plenty around and it was very cold).

Because we had not eaten enough, we had Christmas dinner at Mike and Alex Baer's place. They also invited Mathew and Monica Harrison and so we had a great time that evening with friends from the MBA program.

Bethany and Sydney.

Monica, Alex and Esther.

It didn't take much to get Isaac to eat the various treats we had.
Alex and the kiddos.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Colour Me Mine

December is my most favorite month of the year. It is also crazy with David, Hyrum and Bethany's birthday. This year I have been the least organised because of all Isaac's therapy. I did 90% of all Christmas shopping in one day, 3 days before Christmas. Above, is a picture of when we went on a drive looking at all the gorgeous lights in our neighbourhood. More nativity displays here than anywhere I have seen. We loved it. These Provo'ites know how to put on a good show. We also got to see a live nativity production at the CES building that all the institute students put on. A good way to feel the Christmas spirit.
"Color Me Mine" is a shop where you can pay and decorate your own pottery item and they glaze it for you. We went with the Hoopes and the children decorated their own Christmas ornament for the tree. One tradition in our family is that in December we each pick a new decoration for the tree. It is always fun to see what the children pick out, like when Hyrum picked out Santa in his swimwear. Love it. Well, this year we made it. I decorated a plate for the Santa cookies to go on. Lots of fun creating memories.

Isaac "helping".

Hyrum painted a very cute Christmas penguin.

Savannah (who had been to the Popes hours before and had her hair and makeup done by Brittney) chose a reindeer.

Beth painted a rainbow snowman. Daddy, who is a little challenged when it comes to "craft", went on lots of cold walks outside with Isaac.

Night out with Mesia, Beverley and Alex in Salt Lake to see the Tabernacle Choir Christmas production. COLD!!

The Salt Lake temple behind us. Should have brought along a hat and scarf, more layers. What were we thinking!

In the Conference centre. Warm. Beautiful Salt Lake Temple behind us.

From where we were sitting. It was a really good way to start the Christmas season. Loved it. Thanks Beverly for organsing it!