Friday, May 29, 2009

End of School Year Celebrations

Our last group picnic before everyone headed off in different directions for their internships. Dave tried to teach the guys how to kick a football.

Our last hike up the Y with the Woodruff and Baer family.


The big traditional pinewood derby, for Cub Scouts. Despite Hyrum's car being very much a last minute effort and looking by far the plainest (most boys spent hours designing, crafting and painting their cars) it actually performed quite well and he won a few races.

Yummy night out with the Baers!

Pleasant view 9th ward book club girls. Everyone came over to celebrate Susan Lloyd's birthday (one of my wonderful angel neighbours!)

Savannah fell off her scooter and got stitches....still in shock!

I love taking photos of what the wymount gang are up too.....this was the latest craze!

After Savannah got her stitches...she became an emotional basket case. She was very upset about leaving her friends (again) to leave for yet another destination, California. She was the only sad sibling. She was also sad that she couldn't have her friends over for her birthday, so she invited 4 friends for a small get together. My beautiful Diana and Alex made this cake for her (so much better than I would have done!!! Thanks gorgeous girls!) And it really made for one happy Savannah.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rock canyon school's extravaganza!

The school fair was lots of fun! Eating cotton candy....or fairy floss. Jumping castles, cake walks (like musical chairs, but the winner goes away with a yummy cake people have made and donated.) A train ride, games to try, junk food galore, beautiful people to catch up with....hang on, the whole ward is here!! (It is like a multi-stake activity but for the school. Very interesting!)

It also had a few dramas! "I wanna go on this ride", "I want that treat", "Hyrum has had more turns than me", "I'm thirsty" ("well, I've got a water bottle right here"...."no!") Ohhhhh, how I missed David that night. 4 against 1 isn't good odds!

Isaac was a total fan of cotton candy! No forcing him to eat that beautiful pink and fluffy stuff!

Mmmmmmmm, life can't get much better for a cheeky five year old! (Except to have her cute Megan by her side enjoying the moment with her!) Notice her fantastic blue starred earings...I did attempt to take them off before the event but she said that they were just too beautiful and looked extremely insulted. I love those moments where you are chuckling on the inside because of something cute and precious they have said or done.

This picture sums up Savannah's whole week! She has been miserable since being in the ER, getting her stitches. It has really taken it out of her (and her mum). Since then, they have gotten infected, and now have split again. Oh the joys of little dramas! (Escpecially while Dave has been in California.)

Isaac's new found freedom....roaming! Checking out what there is on offer.

Scooping up green frogs for game points. At the end they collected all their tickets and went to the toy booth to collect their prizes.

Such decisions....... which toy should I get???

One of Beth's favorite friends, Courtney Sellers.

And this is her beautiful mother, Rebekah Sellers. We love that family.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Gibson cousins in America

My children were so EXCITED to have their Gibson cousin's in Provo!! They stayed right near us for the first part, in the Residence Inn. Nice and close so we could drop in and even use the pool. It didn't matter what we did, as long as they were together they had FUN. It was also lovely to catch up with Amy and Mark.
Josh and Hyrum had lots of fun together. Hyrum loved having a boy cousin to hang out with.

Of course, the Gibsons wanted to see snow! (Quite frankly we were OVER snow but were happy to oblige.) A few days before they came to Provo, we had the dreaded snow storm I blogged about earlier and although it had mostly melted in Provo, we searched the mountains at Sundance and of course, we were in luck! Sledding, snowfights and snowangels were their entertainment....yes we had to force them to have fun!

On the way up the mountain, the Gibson's tyre got destroyed and within minutes we had a volunteer come and helped! (Gotta love Utah!)

Our Sunday stroll to Provo temple was beautiful. The sun was out and missionaries were EVERYWHERE. We have never seen the grounds so busy. I think the luxury of the sun finally coming out and the snow melting was just bliss for everyone.

Temple square.
The videos are out of order. The second video is of the Sunday stroll to the temple. However, this was the first bit of snow the Gibson boys had seen and they were rather excited. (It was a bit sad, because it was old, dirty snow that had been cleared and put in the corner of the carpark.) We told them if they were excited about seeing this snow, just wait until we got into the mountains! The second video was a few day's later and the Gibson's just loved sledding etc. Even Mark was in heaven.