Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homecoming parade

Homecoming parade was full of noise and fun. Last year it snowed for the first time that season and was cold. Dave was away and I had not rugged up the children warm enough. This year was a mild autumn day and the children had lots of fun! Dave found a place right near our place, corner of 9th East and University Parkway. Perfect!

Classic Beth shot with her 'mates!' Our neighbours the Billings were with us and these are some of her favorite play mates. While I am tryiing to sit down and do homework with Beth, she will often hear these cute neighbours outside and stand on the couch and yell out to them! "I will be out soon! My mum is making me stay in to do homework." Horrible mother.

Another Billings neighbour. Her mum is very talented. Often, one of our children will be at their place baking something gourmet or making some elaborate craft! No complaints from us.

6 shots later, they are all finally looking and Dave was the grumpiest about it! (He is acttually cursing me under his breath)

Mother Billings. We have had soooooo much to do with this wonderful family but still no photos. I am in runniing gear. Dave had dropped me and Diana off early that morning up the canyon and I ran back and met them for the last bit of the parade. Once I put my sweater back on I got some evil glares. Our rivial university wears red. Not well planned. However, I had a great run. Totally cheated and enjoyed the whole 'downhill' track.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Human Slingshot

At the beginning of my MBA last year, one of my teammates, Rich Hoopes, showed us all a video on Youtube of this Human Slingshot at his uncle's place up in Hobble Creek Canyon and suggested that we go up there as a team and have a go. Unfortunately, it became almost impossible to find a suitable time for everyone before the snow came and then before we knew it, we were all off around the country on our internships for the summer.

This is a picture of Rich on the back of the 4-wheeler. He was the one that would release those harnessed in and I think he was smiling the whole time as he let us fly.

Finally this weekend we were able to get together and we could not have asked for anything better. It was an absolutely beautiful autumn day and as you will see, everyone had a blast.

Uncharacteristically, Esther was really excited about going on this, and there was definitely no letdown.

One of the benefits of being so light is that Esther did not come anywhere close to having her backside drag across the ground, unlike those of us who are a little heavier. Rather, we had to throw a rope up to her when she had finished so that we could pull her back down.

Hyrum and Savannah were very excited to go on this, and were asking continuously for a go. We didn't have them do the full slignshot, but they had a great time regardless as they were flung high into the air. I can't say that Esther was feeling calm about it all, but as soon as the kids came back down it was very obvious from their laughter that they had enjoyed themselves.

Savannah showed us all how to spin in the air. Her gymnastic classes must be teaching her something.

After putting a little extra tension in the cords to ensure that I didn't drag on the ground, it was my turn, and it was worth the wait.

It was so much fun to enjoy such a beautiful day, in such a beautiful location, with great friends and such an adrenaline rush. When can we go again?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marathon Madness

The first thing that crossed my mind when I crossed the finish line was "where's David!!" I just wanted to give him the biggest hug and collapse in his arms! Last year I could see my whole little family cheering for me and it was great. So I was expecting the same thing this year. However, I am not surprised. Dave did a good job keeping the children entertained. It is not easy distracting 4 children and trying to spot your wife amongst the thousands of competitors, not to mention the spectators. They were also in a different spot than last time, so I completely missed them.

On the Friday we headed down to St George, 4 hour drive (you know, just as long as the length of time it took me to finish the marathon). I had been invited to an international lunch for all the international runners participating. I sat next to the only other aussie. She has ran in 90 marathons and wants to be the first Australian women to do 100! I didn't take any photos and so at the end I thought I would take one of the mayor of St George. It was a very yummy lunch.

This is the conference centre where the racers pick up there bib and timing chip for the race. There is a whole lot of things going on at the conference for the runners. Freebies, information about other marathons, tons of sporting merchandise and goodies. The children enjoyed getting all the free stuff. Isaac was having a game with dad and trying to cover his eyes and we were just glad he was entertained for the moment and not running around.

One of the booths was for KT Tape, a company set up last year by a BYU MBA Student (the girl standing next to Esther) as part of a Business Plan competition. They came in 2nd place, but the business is booming for them. The tape worked wonders on my knee and achilles during the race.

4:30 Friday we headed off to get me some pasta and whereever we went was crazy with huge lines. Whilst we waited, Beth decided she should stretch and get me stretching. You can't see properly, but at the conference centre she got some free KT tape and wanted to be taped up, just like mum.

Isaac was also getting up to alot of mischief while we waited for dinner. Lucky we didn't go any later!

This is about 500m before the finish line where everyone is waiting. You can see why Dave had a hard time finding me. There were 7,200 contestants and I came around 2,800th. I remember last year when I did the marathon the children were confused because I hadn't won and all these other people came before me. I'm just happy I finished! On the last 2 miles I swore to myself I would not do this again, now I am determined to get a better time!

Whilst I was running you keep thinkng about that finish line. Well, I couldn't wait to get that BIG hug from Dave. He was my inspiration! I could not have done it without his support!

THE FINISH LINE BABY!!!! The wheelchair race starts first and our race started at 6:45am. I was up at 4:15am and the bus took me up to the canyon at 4:45. They need all the contestants up early, so they can start the wheelchair race before our race. It is pitch black when we arrive, they have music blasting, fire pits to keep warm, the most porta pottys (or as the aussies say it, loos) hot chocolate etc while you wait.

In the background you can see the St George temple.

The children made some cute posters. My biggest fans, but we are going to have to help them learn how to spell Australian again.

Emily's husband did the marathon too but on mile 13 he started vomitting. Bad luck!

Team Liddicoats.

I finished the race around 10:55am but had no desire to eat until 3:00pm. This is our early early dinner and it suddenly hit. I was rather hungry! I was hungrier the next day though and the day after that. What better meal than In-n-Out Burgers.

St George temple.

We thought it would be fun and silly to have the 'umpeeling of the marathon sticker' ceremony. Guest speaker came all the way from Australia.

The next day we had a peek at Zions national park. We only got out of the car for lunch and then headed home. Savannah had accidently popped my fresh runnng blister which absoultely killed and intersting foot wear for the hike.

Zions National Park was beautiful. As we were driving into the Park, we had General Conference playing on the radio and the Choir were singing: "Zion, Zion, Lovely Zion, Beautiful Zion". We though it was very appropriate.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Football mania!

We live right on top of the BYU campus. We are a few minutes walk to the football stadium, so we can hear the cheers when BYU scores a touchdown. The university football stadium seats 65,000 people and is pretty amazing! When there is a home game, roads around us are blocked off and we have to avoid all the crazy traffic. We get to enjoy the festivities that come with it and even get free pizza at the 'tail gate' party, just for students.

For the first home game of the season, BYU was ranked in the top 10 and were facing Florida State, a team who traditionally have a very strong football program. It brought a lot of attention to Provo for the weekend and there was a lot of exitement around the place leading into the game.

Savannah and David got the footballs in and won BYU prizes!

This area was designated for students. All this free entertainment was lots of fun. I must be an evil mum because I got a kick out of smashing Hyrum. In my mind I was thinking, 'this blow is for teasing your little sister', this one is for.....

Isaac enjoyed a piece of the action too!

Hyrum was incredible here. He did 12 chinups and the Marines were so impressed he won a football.

In this shot the guys asked Hyum if he wanted them to smile or look mean. This is Hyurm trying to look mean.

Uncle Chad, cousin Trent and Hyrum at the game.

Unfortunately the game was a big disappointment. The Cougars lost their first home game in about 18 starts and they lost ugly. Lets hope they can turn it around the rest of the season.