Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yosemite Part 2 - We're going on a bear hunt

This was one incredible view, we were on our way to Glacier Point lookout and the drive with the 4 children was a little "hairy". We saw bear signs everywhere and it is a little weird. I'm much more used of signs like "kangaroo crossing" or warning signs for tiger snakes. We all really wanted to see a bear, but from far, far away.

Unfortunately Isaac failed to see the importance of pictures for the blog and did not want to sit still for this picture.

This is at Glacier Point with the famous Half-Dome in the background. One day we hope to do the 10 hour hike to the top.
When we finally arrived at our destination, I (the clueless Aussie) thought it would be a good idea to bring the food out for a little picnic. David didn't realize I had a bag full of food and when I claimed a great spot for a picnic, Dave looked at me crazy and quickly explained that I would be eating with hungry bears. Well, no one wanted to hold the bag full of goodies after that. (I guess that is one way to meet a bear up close and personal.....bring a container of shaved turkey breast to go with your sandwiches?)

He has become quite the poser!

This looks like a nice quiet picture where Hyrum is appreciating nature.....however, what you are not seeing out of view from this camera is Savannah and Beth fighting and screaming that it is their turn! "Hyrum had longer than me!"

So, we "managed" to do quite a lot with our 4 young children but this was one of my simple and favorite moments. The children were all out of the car and able to do what they wanted and instead of encouraging a 5 year old to "keep going "up a crazy steep mountiain in pursuit of a waterfall, we could all relax and no one was complaining! We even got to enjoy some fish swimming by and being entertained by our children's optimistic thoughts of being able to catch them with there bare hands!

We would love to come again and see much much more! 2 days just wasn't enough!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yosenite Part 1 - Rainbows and waterfalls.

Yosemite National park is probably on the top 2 things we have done this summer in California. It was just incredible and two nights was just not long enough for us to explore all the beautiful spots. We had this very cute and tiny cabin but it was just perfect for us. It also had this great swing outside and whilst Dave and I were waiting for all the children to finally fall asleep, we rocked outside looking into the dark night.

First we headed to bridalveil waterfall, nice and early.

Savannah has her foot taped because she got a bad sprain falling out of a tree! (That doesn't sound like Savannah!) It was very painful for her and she hiked alot on it, so when Dave was giving out awards in the car on the way home, she got the "Legend" award.

For lunch we stopped off here and sat down and this is where the children played with the chipmunks. Isaac just loved them so much. As you see here, he was looking down on them, and he still majorily dribbles and it actually landed on one of the chipmunks and this little animal kept trying to wipe it off in the dirt, it was rather funny!

This is on our way to Vernal waterfalls. We were hot and thought we would have a little wade in the rock pools to keep cool. Divine!

Bathing suits are over rated!

Now for the hardest part of the hike...

Isaac is fantastic in this chair! Just chatting away to Dave.

Almost to the waterfall...

Beth and Savannah admiring the waterfall. You should have seen all these incredible rainbows. It was just beautiful.

Right around here, it was getting extremely steep, wet and slippery, so we asked the children if we should turn around. Savannah said..."let's keep going to the top." So Dave turned around with Isaac and Beth, while Esther, Savannah and Hyrum got to see the good stuff. It was sad they missed seeing the top...they only had about a few minutes more of hiking.

We were very glad that Savannah didn't want to give up... it was very much worth it!

On the way down Savannah's foot was really bothering her.

Savannah needing a break and in alot of pain.

Isaac saved the good stuff till last. When we got home from hiking we played at the camp park and it was just to much fun to roll in the red dirt! Love it!