Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rainbow snow

In April we had some beautiful Sunny weather. We were all so excited about the Sun finally coming out, after a long winter we were DISGUSTED that another snow storm was brewing and we woke up to 6 inches of snow. The children had 3 days of Spring break and all our cute neigbhours were out enjoying the fresh snow. We were all sleding and then one of the Billing's children had this great idea to bring out the food dye!!! The rest was histroy! (And very, very messy. Beth's snow bib is proof of her artistic flare Or her blissfully messy nature!)

Savannah thought herself hilarious with the idea of making a nice yellow patch...... as if she had had an accident. My kids can't seem to get over the saying "Don't eat the yellow snow!"

The rainbow mess!! Fortunately, it didn't stain the path!

Savannah's mini mobile snowwoman!

As you can see from the expression on Beth's face we had to force her to go on the sled!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beautiful Brisbane

I loved my whirlwind trip to Brisbane. I really felt queasy being half-way round the world from my family!! Fortunately, it was a very short trip. I got to spend some great time with my mum and dad. Staying with them in a nice apartment right near the city. 8 years I have been away from my family and every moment with them is treasured!!!

The sealing was beautiful. Leah's grandfather was able to seal Silas and Leah and we were all bonded by tears of joy!!

Leah and her mother Belinda were able to make a trip to Provo a few months ago and I was able to go wedding dress shopping with them. This was Belinda and my top choice so we are very proud of ourselves. (It had nothing to do with Leah's great taste at all!)

My very handsome nephews!!!

One of the things I loved most was my sister "rights" to teasing my little brothers again!!!! I had forgotten how much fun it is to tease, annoy and humiliate them. It is the nicest feeling being able to get a kiss from a brother, or in Silas's case, his famous bear hugs and for them to tell me that they love me!!!! (I must be the best sister because I packed Capt'n Crunch cereal for Eli)

The Pollard siblings.
My oldest (and possibly the spunkiest) nephew on my side of the family. (I think the candy from the States was possibly a winner!!)

My new, beautiful and gorgeous sister!

My newest little nephew little William. The CUTEST baby. Having a clucky....I can do this again, moment! Five's a good number???

One of the days we headed up to Mt Tambrine mountain to visit my sick grandmother and to see an aunty I haven't seen in years. (I used to go horse riding with her on my grandparents farm, back in the day!!!) It was so much fun. Dad, Jenny and I went on a gorgeous hike in the rainforest and just talked and talked and talked. (No children to interrupt us......BLISS) Dad told us some DUMB jokes, which I unfortuantley LOVE and it was so great to catch up with Jenny.

Great shot of you dad.

The temple session was bursting at it's seams and they had to turn people away. (They do not book ahead of time anymore.) There is nothing quite like being with all (or most) of your family and being united by our family ties, faith and spirit.

(Silas.....mum loves me more!!!! Remember, who's photo is in her wallet!!!!)

Thanks for making the trip possible mum and dad. Dave your the man! Thanks for supporting me in this trip to see my little brother get married. I had a blast!