Friday, September 10, 2010

Random pic's

MBASA girls night out.

Lot's of mum's very happy to have some fun!

MBA Golf day.

CRAZY! A midnight showing of Eclipse. Waiting in the freezing cold Provo night.

Women's conference with Susan Lloyd. My neighbour and all time angel. We did it both years and had a laugh when the BYUTV crew interviewed both of us. Obviously we didn't cut it because we never made it to air.

Women's conference.

One of Dave's international activities was hiking the Y and having a devotional and donuts.

Hiking the Y. (For the 10 millionth time!!)

Roller skating with the Lloyd's.

Had a lovely lunch for the students who received the Hawes award and their spouses. This is the highest achievement given in the program each year and is based on academic performance and contribution to the program. Students and faculty are asked to provide nominations each year.

Dinner with friends. In our tiny apartment we had more people over than we ever did in our large home in Perth. I have to smile at that. I realised living in tiny student housing for 2 years that you can't take life and the things around you for granted. Like having your own glorious laundry and being 7 minutes from the gorgous Perth beach.

An actual photo of an international activity. International cooking classes were held during the month. The Brazillians showed us how to make some exotic food from their country so it made me laugh when they just simply wanted to learn about cookie making! My fave international activity was the one Dave and I combined to work on (and I used all his budget). We had an International Christmas party for all the MBA students. I was very glad that I organised for others to be the judges of baking competition because it got very competitive! We were too busy organising that we forgot our camera that night. Dang it!

Beverly the cookie demonstrator.

Hyrum fractured his arm just walking home from school. It was a team effort from all my friends who helped Hyrum. He fell in front of a ward members house who ran out to see all the commotion. Hyrum was laying on the ground, surrounded by his friends and Sister Heaton, being a nurse strapped him up. Kristen, my friend, and another member of our ward who was driving past, stopped to see if she could help and rang me. Susan, our neighbour, who also saw the commotion on her way home, kicked her children out of the car and put Hyrum in the car and took him home to me. Only in Provo would I have 3 dear friends and sisters in the ward come to Hyrum's rescue. Having the chapel next door to the school has its advantages!

Alex's birthday dinner at Chilis with Mike & Alex, Tyson and Diana and Mathew and Monica.