Saturday, November 21, 2009

Busy Bees

Honey and bee's wax.

In our ward we have this wonderful couple who are basically little farmers in the 'burbs'. For their living they sell honey. He travels the country with his bees so they can enjoy different flavors of honey. Well, we got to go over and see how it is done. Jody is Savannah's achievement day leader and they have some great activities. His grandfather was one of the pioneers who crossed the plains into Utah. He mentioned this in Sunday school and I have a little chuckle inside (only in Provo). I only have convicts as ancestors!!

Where's Isaac....

This isn't a great photo but as they were showing us the chickens and beehives, we forgot about Isaac. He was off chasing the chickens and loving it.

Bee boxes.

Chicken shed. Beth and Hyrum are holding the 2 eggs they found. One is named 'Ariel' the other, "Jack'. (Mmmmmm.....I wonder who named who!!!) It was very funny on the way home. Jody has an incubater and was explaining what they were and how they often have many chicks. Well, in the car, Beth had 'Ariel' wrapped warmly in her jumper in hope of a very cute little chick outcome. Unfortunately today, my very devastated daughter informed me that there was a little accident. Beth had put Ariel in a very "special" spot and it got smashed!!

Hyrum loved the idea that Ian got dressed up in all this gear to get the honey.

Here, the chidlren got to scrape off the honey and bee's wax into a container. There is an art to it and Hyrum was the most delicate. (surprise, surprise!!)

THe filter for the honey. It also filters out little bees legs or bodys. Beth was very sad for the bee's that died for the honey!!
Taste testing was yummy. Beth is covering Isaac in this picture but he had his little stick out also, wanting a lot of the action. He was the biggest fan. We got to try lavendar honey, almond honey, aged honey and clover honey. Such an inspiring family and we had such a great time in the hour we were there!!!! The questions the children asked along the way were very cute and interesting. (Some a little embarassng, like..... "do you make lot's of money selling honey??") But it is all a learning experience. I also got to buy some fresh honey. Yum yum. (Without bee's legs!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Autumn Fun

Autumn has been such a fun season for our family. The leaves keep falling and the children keep finding different things to do in them. Beth mentioned that the naked trees look a little lonely. I love all these leaves. However I must admit that I do not enjoy vacuming all the evidence when the chidlren bring them into the house after all the FUN.

The boys were hiding in this, waiting for innocent passerbys, then "trying" to scare the life out of them. Simple pleasures.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Indoor rock climbing

For a date one Friday night some of our friends went indoor rockclimbing. One very fun date. You need to trust your wife though. Apparently I have since learnt that Dave doesn't really trust me with his life when it comes to the 'belaying' part (when he is the one climbing and I hold his life in my hands with a rope!!) Laughing with a friend and getting distracted, isn't a good idea when your husband is up on the wall and needing some help down! No, it wasn't that bad. However, I do trust him with my life and enjoyed some great climbs!

Our beautiful Beverly who was rather excited to get out and leave the children at home with Mike since they couldn't get a babysitter. (Thanks Mike!)

Alex and her husband got the award for best climbing couple. They were on fire.

Paul ends up belaying Dave and Beverly and me team up. Levels out the weight a bit more. Paul's girlfriend was waiting patiently with some others. They were not allowed down if they weren't climbing.

Spider Dave.

My sick and pregnant friend Diana made a 'guest appearance' for the night. She had a halloween half-marathon the next day and needed all the sleep she could get. (All the runners dress up and she was wonder woman! Love it)
One of Dave's class mates, Ronell and his wife Brianna.

Go Alex!!

Fun. Fun. Fun. And a good work out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or treat!

The 4th Halloween activity for the week. We could have gone to so many more celebrations, but I must admit by the second activity I was all halloweened out! We decided to keep trick or treating simple and go before it got dark. Not the American way but we had a church activity on halloween night and there was a 'trunk or treat', so to compromise with the children we said we would go beforehand. They also wanted to go after with friends......but they had no chance!!

The pumpkin Beth carved (with just a tiny bit of help from mum.)

Hyrum's pile of trick or treat candy. This was just in one evening!!! However, we had been to the dentist the previous week so I was a nazi mother and 3/4 of their candy they never touched. The dentist had a wonderul program where you took your candy in and traded it for a toy, a toothbrush, McDonalds coupons and a chance to win something at Walmart. The kids thought it was a great idea and I liked it even more!

One super nerd, an Ariel princess, a liger (Isaac dirtied his tiger top so he had a lion top and tiger pants) and a skeleton man.

It was very funny to see Isaac trick or treat. The first door he got a pack of lollies and at every stop we made instead of going with the other chidlren, he just sat down and ate his original pack contently.

The mountains are behind and all the leaves are falling off the trees. It is stunning right now.

PV 9th ward Halloween party.

Susan was asked to do Michael Jackson's Thriller dance for everyone to participate in. (She is a BYU dance teacher) Savannah enjoyed being a zombie. We had a chilli cook off, games and of course....trunk or treat!

Jem and an 80s Glam rocker.