Friday, October 14, 2011

Santa Cruz boardwalk and Pier/Jetty.

Even though we are locals to the area now, we still feel like tourists. It is so much fun to organize different family activities and feel like we are on vacation.

First we walked on the "pier" and went on a search for the seals. We always love looking at what the fisherman catch, window shop and sometimes even enjoy a icecream. (But not this time round because they were being a little NAUGHTY!) We did promise them one ride each on the board walk if they didn't nag us anymore. (It worked like a charm!)

Looking at the seal poking up at us....

(The boardwalk from behind).

Where the seals sleep.

This photo above represents about 20 minutes of peace and quiet. Whilst the children explored the beach, Dave and I sat above, looking down at them on a lovely seat watching them play nicely together. Rare moment captured.

Sisterly moment.

Dave noticed "deep fried twinkies" that the children desperately wanted to try out. No such luck.

Isaac choose this ride, but then chickened out. So he chose the beautifiul old carousel with his mummy.

So much fun!!!